Mom’s Love

A Long Three Years Has Passed

Mom, You taught your children well.

Wire Editor Newman
3 min readJun 12
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It’s been three years,
Since Mom passed away,
It’s been three years,
On this very special day.

The nineth of June,
In Twenty, Twenty,
She met her Lord,
On that day, for eternity.

I miss her discipline,
Her rod and her staff,
She taught us Respect,
And she taught us to Laugh.

If we were right,
She’d back us to the wall,
If we were wrong,
Her discipline, She’d call.

“This will hurt me,
More than it will hurt you,”
I learned the true meaning,
When I was the Father of two.

She cooked the best meals,
Hot and delicious each day,
We never paid much attention.
As they were served in a metal tray.

Only on Sundays,
And once every week,
We went to a restaurant,
To have quiet a feast.

Eat all you want,
And before each meal we would pray,
Just make sure,
You ask for the kid’s tray.

She was a widowed Mom,
Doing her best,
Caring for three kids,
And at night, she laid us to rest.

She would go to all three kids,
And kiss us all on the cheek,
She would cover us all,
From our heads to our feet.

On this one particular night,
After she put us to bed,
I snuck to her door,
And listened to her praying instead.



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