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Welcome to My Weekend

Wire Editor Newman
5 min readMay 31
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Enjoying a Great Week, Last Week

I must admit I was having a great week this past week. I believe I even entered a couple of articles last week. I also went to my Family Doctor on Thursday last week and I got a good report. However, things have a way of changing quickly.

By Friday night when my shows came on the TV, life was good. I had my unsweet tea, and a cup of hot coffee beside me, just in case. Then I looked at my legs, as I was slowly reclining in the recliner, and I began to notice my left leg, in my sweatpants, was obviously bigger than my right leg. This was from the knee to the hip on my left leg.

I decided to forgo the TV shows and go straight to bed. I first elevated my left leg on a couple of pillows. That felt good and I was quick to fall asleep.

When I woke up Saturday morning Wifey Wire needed something from a large Home Remodeling box store. PS: I did everything I could, to keep this swollen leg hidden, from Wifey Wire.

**** This is my Disclaimer: Do Not Do any of this I will speak, or have already spoken of by yourself, at home, shopping, or anywhere. Seek Medical Attention At Once, if you ever have any Medical Issues, as I will describe below. I was a First Responder for 32 years, I should have known better! Remember, Please Seek Medical Advice at once. Call 911, if you need to. That is why 911 is there. ****

At The Big Box Store

I got out of my car, and me and my large leg went hobbling into the store. It hurt every step. I was able to get the two things Wifey Wire wanted and I went to check out. The credit card was not authorizing, and it was stressing me out. The leg hurt and that was stressing me out.

The store told me to call the 1–800 number on the back of the card. I had no patience for that.

The Cavalry Arrives

I called Wifey Wire from inside the store, as I found a bench to sit on. I asked her if she was close to my location. To my surprise she was parked and inside the store within minutes. Even better, she had three Filipino friends with her. All three were…



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