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Careful Where You Leave a Love Poem

I would suggest not leaving it open on the laptop

Wire Editor Newman
4 min readJan 18
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Funny Story

I know most of you will say something to the effect of, “Me and my significant other have an open relationship, and we don’t hide anything from each other. In fact, we have passwords to everything each other writes and saves.” And likewise, I agree with that. I have a similar agreement with my wife.

My wife talks and writes a lot in the Filipino language of Tagalog. She could write in bold print, laptop open, and I would have no idea what she is writing about, nor would I care. I am good with that. We trust each other and there has never been a problem—until this past Friday.

To save, or not to save

When I woke up Friday morning, I woke up with a poem on my mind. I knew if I did not get the poem onto paper, I would forget a lot of it. The poem was about losing love, finding a new love, and how to move on from a lost love. Basically, love, love, love, love. So, off to my desk, I went.

I was into my third verse of the poem and the wife called to meet her for lunch. So, I hurried because that’s what good hubbies do. And I am still working on that Mr. Mom award.

However, I did not clean up my desk at all. I left the poem I was writing, front and center on my laptop, open for all to see.

Instead of meeting the wife, she was pulling into the driveway. No worries, we would just ride together. I like that, especially if I am the driver. (More on that later.)

This was a special date

She was taking me out to an early lunch because, in about two hours, she was leaving for New Orleans to see the Miss Universe pageant with friends. She needed to check a reservation online.

She yells, “Guapo, (my Filipino name) can I use your laptop?” Sure, I forgot about the poem I was writing, and it was not saved, but sure. Go ahead. I thought nothing of it.

Let me just say, in my most humble, respectful opinion, do not get an Asian mad. Especially a Filipino—just saying—a jealous Filipino on top of that. Again…



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