Divorce Your Title

Wire Editor Newman
6 min readJul 20

If your title is not working for you, it may be time to leave it.

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The image enclosed from unsplash, could easily be, North Louisiana for the past Month. Wxcept we had no electricity. It was just miserable.

HELLO mEDIUM, I AM BACK. I HAVE MISSED all of YOU great writer’s so MUCH.

Poor Poor Pitifu Me.

NOT TO SOUND LIKE , “POOR, POOR, PITIFUL ME, But wow, what an eventful past month and a half I have had.

To spare you the deails, I will be brief.

First, there was a title I once had in my head, that I waned to turn into a poem. This new poem,”I had named the poem, “”The “Taggart Wind.” This idea of a poem was im my minds eye, was going to be a Master Class Poem. How could I go wrong with a title like that. “The Taggart Wind.” However, I I was very wrong.

I wanted to write a poem about being on the ocean sailing the seven seas, in a Catamaran Sail Boat. I would describe the beautiful colors of the ocean, and the beautiful places I would have stopped at. Including the people and scenery of these beautiful tropical islandes. I might save that idea until. retirement. Or until, I learn how to steer a sILBOAT.

Oh well, until then, Poet David Thoreau’s sward winning Descriptive Poems are ALL safe.

Better Yet:

Maybe it is time to D.I.V.O.R.C.E. that no goood lazy, poor excuse of a title. Sorry I digress.

e. Of course the spelling of DIVORCE is from the Late and great Country singer, Tammy Wnette.

I have spent over a month, pondering about this poem,I have spent that time thinking about this poem, as well as making several attempts at writing it.

At some point in time,I came to the realization, hOWEVER as my sis would say, “aLAS” it is time, to move on.

For the last few weeks, there were some real-life situations that needed my immediate attention. There were Several Doctor visits.

  • Including one this week, , which I thought, I was having a stroke. My left bicep felt like there was a blood pressure cup squeezing my arm.
  • Somehow that all turned out to be…
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