Glimmers Are Extremely Sweet

A response to a Pamela Oglesby story.

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Glimmers are Extremely Sweet

A response to Pamela Oglesby

Ok, Transparency time, until the other day I had no idea what a “Glimmer” was. However, I am pretty sure I had a Glimmer gone wrong yesterday.

All I knew was the term, “A Glimmer of Hope.” Actually, I believe I heard that term in the E.R. Lucky for me, it was for the guy next to me.

Another great writer in our medium community: Pamela Oglesby wrote an article on what a Glimmer is. Her article is titled: Glimmers are Super Sweet. The idea of a Glimmer challenge, I believe came from a medium writer Keeley Schroder.

What is a Glimmer?

I am guessing it is something unexpected, (maybe yes, maybe no.) However, something special that makes someone feel good. Please Pamela and Keeley let me know how close or far off the definition mark I am.

My Glimmer

Wifey Wire advised me yesterday, a Filipino friend was on her way to the house, after she had been in New Orleans for a week. She had a surprise for me. Maybe this will be my Glimmer?

One thing I hope the Filipino friend should know about buying me something in New Orleans, (1) I am a Dallas Cowboys fan by heart, but being from Louisiana I am also a Saints fan to a degree.

However, without Drew Brees as our Quarterback, and the loss of our Head Coach Sean Payton to Denver. I am afraid they will need a bigger Glimmer, more than me.

My Glimmer Arrives

I see the big SUV pull into the driveway. I hobble outside (My leg is still hurting somewhat.) to greet our friend. “Oh Mr. Al, I will bring this to you, go have a seat.” Sounds good to me. Back inside to the recliner I go.

As she walks into the house she had two very recognizable bags from a very recognizable eatery in New Orleans, or as locals say, “Nawlins.”, or better yet, just NOLA.



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