Insect Invasions

Insects of Biblical Proportions

Katydids and Cicada’s

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Insects of Biblical Proportions

Katydid and the Cicada

One of my last articles I was reading before my last Saturday night when I spent time in the E.R., I was reading a story by a great writer in Medium, named Pam Winter. Pam has been a long-time favorite writer of mine, and she also has her own publication” Boomers, Bitches, Babes.”

I wanted to respond to Pam’s story, but the E.R. had other plans for me, for the next few days. But that is not to say I forgot to, “R.R.C.” to her article. A phrase Pam Winter coined, “Read, Respond, and Clap.”

The topic of her article is titled: “What’s With All the Damn Moths”. I would just like to go on record and say, it “Freaks me out” to be in any invasion of insects, bugs, bees, wasps, you name it. So, I am definitely on Pam’s side on this one.

Velvet Ant

I was outside a few months back and I saw a black spider, with a red racing stripe on it, called a velvet spider, and a/k/a/ a cow killer, and it was in my driveway. Basically, it is a wasp that was cast down to earth, just to be an ant, a very mean scary ant. The same day I saw the one in the front driveway, and I also saw one on the back patio. I don’t know about you, but that is an invasion to me. So I called the bug exterminator.

However, in Louisiana, as well as other states we get a yearly invasion of two insects called a Katydid, and a Cicada.

A Katydid looks something like a grasshopper, and they sound like a terrible case of tendinitis. It is just a high pitch, terrible sound, and very loud. The sound never stops.

Then there is the Cicada. They look more like a flea of Biblical proportion. Some call them “Locust”, but I seem to have read somewhere, they are not in the Locust family. Either way these bugs from hell are so LOUD! It will just drive you crazy.

Here is a youtube video of the noise of Cicadas:

Be safe out there.



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