My Hero Son, Saves His Sister

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How do you stop a 3-wheel bicycle with your sister on it?


My Hero Son Saves His Sister

Quick introduction

This article took place wnen my son was only seven years old.

Being the Dad of a “Special Needs” child, a daughter who has Downs Syndrome, is both very demanding and highly rewarding. Also having a seven year old son can be both highly rewarding and very demanding also.

I said all that to say this, I love both my children very much, and I would not want anything to happen to either one of them.

The Hero story about my son, began when he was only seven years old. While both children were playing outside our country home, while one child was unknowingly about to become our Hero.

My daughter was enjoying riding her 3-wheel bicycle, while my son was being a typical boy, running, walking, exploring, and just having fun.

My daughter had a predetermined mark in the driveway that alerted her to stop her bicycle, and to turn around. She understood this mark, and knows why it is there, and had always obeyed the rule.

She understands she should not get too close to the road, as she says, “danger.”

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The children told me how on this particular evening things did not go according to plan. While riding her bicycle my daughter told me she began to go faster than usual and the only brake, was a handbrake, and it was not stopping the bike.

There is no foot brake, and my daughter got confused.

She inadvertently pedaled harder, instead of stopping, and she was making the bike go faster, and getting dangerously closer to the Road.

My son was alerted by the speed of the bicycle, and in a matter of seconds realized his sister was in trouble, and he worried he would not be able to stop the run-a-way bike.

I have always taught my son, the most important thing in his life is to protect his sister. With this instilled in his mind, he immediately sprung into action, and ran towards his sister and the run-a-way bicycle.

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