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An agreement between my Son and

This is a picture of a Tatto sign. The article is about an agreement I had with my son, when he joined the NAVY. I agreed to get my first tattoo if and when he got his first tattoo in the NAVY. That did not go as planned. Please read more. Thank you.
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Back Story

I have never had a tattoo. Not because of some religious belief, or any other reason, I have just never had a tattoo. Nor, has my son ever had a tattoo. At least not one I have ever seen. Then again, I believe he would have told me.

When my son told me a few years ago, he would Join the U.S. NAVY. I was so proud for him. I was the typical Dad, I bought all the NAVY DAD shirts, window stickers all over my Dodge Challenger, which I swore I would never, ever have a sticker on that car. Except the State inspection ticker.

The Father Son Agreement

I told my son; I know a lot of sailors have a tattoo of their naval experiences. My son shook his head yes and said but dad. I interrupted him. I told him, son I will make a gentleman’s agreement between us. But Dad, I interrupted him again. (I wish I hadn’t)

Finally, I told him of my agreement.

Son, if you get a tattoo while you are in the NAVY, I will also get a tattoo. But Dad, I did not interrupt him this time, yes son? I have no plans to get a tattoo, but because of your agreement, I will call you the first chance I get if I do get a tattoo. Once again, I should have kept my mouth shut.

What I did not tell my Son.

I did tell him I would get a tattoo, but what I did not tell him was my “Exception List.”:

  • How big my tattoo would be? Because honestly it would have been the smallest one, I could get
  • Where the tattoo would go. If my son got a big tattoo like Popeye the Sailor Man, with an anchor on both of his forearms, not me. Good luck with that.
  • What the tattoo would be. I am more than “picky” on this one. First no names. I have a wife, I am not messing that up, or having to explain anything. It would have to be small and simple.

Long Story Shorter

He is now out of the NAVY, and my first question to my son was, Did you get a tattoo? No Dad you are safe I did not get a tattoo. That was the best news I heard from him. I did confess all the exceptions to a tattoo I listed above. He just laughed at the…

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