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Not The Poem to Write on Your Anniversary

You think I would know that by now.

Wire Editor Newman
4 min readMay 26
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Not The Poem to Write on Your Anniversary

Funny story

Last night was mine and Wifey Wire’s anniversary. I was not about to miss, or mess up this Anniversary night. I had the candle lit, the flowers in a vase, the Anniversary card signed and ready, (Which I actually read, more later.). I even put the dollar in the anniversary card, a joke between Wifey Wire and me.

When she came home from work at midnight, her Anniversary surprise was all ready for her. She was happy, and what a great night. We watched a movie together, and both of us fell asleep during the movie.

During the night, my eyes popped open, and the poem below was scrolling through my mind. I, (Not thinking) wrote this poem in a text message to Wifey Wire. (As not to lose this poem). All I had to do, was not to press send.

Ok, at 3:30am, I made a mistake and accidently sent this poem below, in her text message. There was only one thing to do. That was some real James Bond, “Shyster” kind of stuff.

Her phone protection is her index finger, “fingerprint.” Somehow, I had to place her index finger on her cell phone to unlock her phone, without waking her up. She was sound asleep hugging her pillow, like a mamma bear, would cuddle her cubs.

I Got It,

I had her finger, but no luck. The fingerprint was not unlocking her phone. It was so cold in the house, I thought I might need to warm her finger up. I was rubbing her finger with a blanket, which almost woke her, but I guess my singing, “Hush little baby please don’t cry….”, kept her asleep or scared.

Her finger was cold, so I began to blow on her finger, maybe a little hot air would help. Nope, none of this is working.

All of a sudden, this little Filipino Ninja had me in some weird wrist lock, as I was standing beside the bed.

What are you doing?

She asked me what I was doing. I told her, I hope you are ready to laugh, but I accidentally texted you something that might confuse…



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