The Best Feel-Good Story I Have Heard in a Long Time

The love a brother has for his sister

Wire Editor Newman
3 min readAug 22, 2022
Photo by Junseong Lee on Unsplash

Today, while watching television on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I came across a story about the love a brother has for his sister. I have to admit, I had not read or heard about this level of love a brother has for his sister since I wrote my article on how my son saved his sister’s life.

Without giving too much away, at a young age, he literally laid his life on the ground to save his sister. I thought this was very smart and brave of my son.

That was until I heard the following story.

Big brother, Superman, NASCAR tire changer

Every NASCAR team has its own driver, pit crew, crew chief, owners, and … the list is a mile long. To be successful, they all have to be excellent at their jobs. This would also include the team members working in the pit. In this story, it’s one of the tire changers.

Car#24 Driver—Michael McDowell

One of the pit crew members for this team is a tire-changer named Brett Sanchelli. Brett is an excellent crew member and an outstanding brother to his sister, Courtney. The driver for this team is Michael McDowell, an excellent NASCAR driver.



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