What Not to Do in Medium

I was guilty of the worst.

Wire Editor Newman
4 min readMay 22
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Like the Fireman in this picture, I was consumed with one and only one poem, and how to control my ideas for this one poem.

A few weeks back, I was “Off-Line” quite a bit, for about three weeks. You name it, I had it.

  • My Brother died
  • I had Covid
  • Getting behind at work
  • Yard work at my parents house, with a broke down lawn mower.

This Was All Stressing Me Out

I love this community, especially the writers in this community. As I came back, I was responding to my community. Life is good, things are getting better, and I even wrote an article explaining what happened during my absence.

I then wrote an article about a silly idea of turning my SUV into a “Hippy Camper Van” and me and the Wifey Wire, go on an overnight camping adventure. Well, that idea never got off the ground, once Wifey Wire found a cabin to spend the night in.

I agreed with her, a much better idea. Especially the part of getting into, and out of the rear cargo area of an SUV.


I was writing and responding again, (Although I know I have one person I have to respond to quickly, and I am sorry for such a late response.).

I had written an article, I felt I was back, and I could not wait for my next inspiration to write. And we all know, inspiration can come from anywhere.

However, to be so consumed to only write one article, for me anyway, is a bad idea.

Considering Options

I have never been too concerned about whether readers or writers like my work. I learned that in college. This was the one thing me and my Professor agreed on. He told me once, if great writers were censored and stifled, think of all the great works we would not have.

He went on to say, write from the heart. That is one reason I do not use publications; I know I will use a lot of “Poetic Justice.” By the way, some editors do not like this. Then I have to explain why I wrote what I…



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