Wifey Wire not impressed.

Wire Has an Idea

Not necessarily a good one

Wire Editor Newman
4 min readMay 16
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Wifey Wire Not Impressed

Wire Has an Idea

Maybe I have been watching too many RV, and camping video’s. The latest trend for me is watching “Truck Camping.” I don’t have a truck, but I do have a SUV. To me, that sounds even better. It is totally enclosed. It has the “Sky-Light” and throw a couple of pillows back there, a bedroll, and that should be fine.

My plan was pretty simple and ingenious, if you ask me. It all sounded like a TV commercial. However, If you ask Wifey Wire, you will hear a completely different story.

Here is the plan.

Wifey Wire has a fb video vlog thing going. She is getting better with her camera skills. Now my ingenious plan all starts to make sense. I had an idea for us to go to Arkansas, to a State Park. Surely there would be plenty of nature and activity there for her to video.

This would be a learning experience, and the next time we would venture further. I would let her pick the next destination, as we worked together, and camped in our SUV.

My half of the venture.

I would walk around looking for something to write about, an article, a poem, nature, a young couple fighting in an SUV, or perhaps, how perfect this camping in a SUV thing was going for me and wifey wire.

However, I sort of guessed none of this was ever going to work.

The Plans Came Apart at the Seams. Before there were any seams.

Wifey Wire asked:

  1. How will you put the mattress to sleep on in the SUV? Ummm good question.

You have never, once, since I have known you slept on a hard service, like the floor of an SUV, and neither have I. Nor will I, you got that Wire? (Yes Dear). You can’t argue with her on that one.

  1. How do you get out of the SUV in the morning? She laughingly remarked, I have to see this. This was harder than it sounded. I have a hard enough time getting out of a real bed in the morning.



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